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A Sharing On Prayer December 2014

Rev. Fr. Oscar AberathneGod created all things and Mary gave birth to God. God who made all things made Himself from Mary. This way He remade all that He had made. He who was able to make all things out of nothing, when they had been defaced would not re-make them without Mary’s help.

God is then, Father of all created things and Mary is the mother of all that has been recreated. God is the Father of the institution of all things and Mary is mother of the restitution of all things. God begot Him through whom all things were made and Mary gave birth to Him thro’ whom all things are saved. God begot Him without whom nothing at all exists and Mary gave birth to Him without whom nothing that exists is good. “The Word indeed with you.”

Fr. Siri Oscar Abayaratne.

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