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A Sharing On Prayer April 2015

Rev. Fr. Oscar AberathneWhen I think about the weakness and sin that I succumbed to yesterday and in the past, even repeated confessions would fail to give me the sense of freedom I desire.

We speak about salvation. Still we go through experiences of being constantly wounded.

The most powerful and priceless experience I have received is ‘The Salvation’ I received from Jesus Christ. To what extent have I claimed it? Truly claiming it, gets rid of the past, the sin and the wounds that assail us. Salvation is such a powerful experience; it is an experience of heaven.

I tell myself “I have at this very moment received salvation. There is nothing; No past, no sin.” What freedom! What good news! Do I make full use of this tremendous and powerful experience?

The salvation from Jesus Christ is so powerful.

Jesus Christ has already saved me.

Fr. Siri Oscar Abayaratne.

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